bull moose
flight of folds
euthysanius beetle
acoma pot

Design Challenge 2008

The 2008 design challenge was a prehistoric non-dino from an uncut square. What does that mean? Well, there are many, many dinosaurs in origami, but there are also many prehistoric creatures that are as cool, or cooler, than dinos, but have not yet been realized in origami. So whether one is an aficionado of the Ediacaran fauna, or mammals from the Cenozoic era, or a trilobite fanatic, or something else, here's was the chance for all those other guys. Entrants were invited to pick a subject that hasn't yet been folded, and to let one's imagination and paper, run wild. Beyond that, there were no stipulations; this was, like 2007, a very open-ended challenge.

Once again, the artists rose to the challenge. Not all folders created animals; some created fossils; one even created a cartoon subject! But, as always, tremendous inventiveness and skill was displayed, and once again, all of the figures you see are folded from a single uncut square.