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Design Challenge 2010

The 2010 challenge was: Cars and Trucks. In recent years, we've stuck with the natural world, but this year we decied to visit man-made objects. A selection of the year's entries are shown below.

Chan's Lotus and Lang's Porsche
Brian Chan and I each took on sports cars, with the idea of doing the wheels in a way different from the usual color-changed disks.
Morisue's Stanley Steamer
Kei Morisue's Stanley Steamer was incredibly detailed and my own personal favorite. (Apologies for the poor photo, which really doesn't do it justice.)
Kirschenbaum's Model T
Marc Kirschenbaum also reached back into history for his subject, rendered in his inimitable style.

And a few more pix. If anyone has more pix, or can help with caption credits, please contact me with your information.