bull moose
flight of folds
euthysanius beetle
acoma pot


The act of coming up with an origami figure goes by several names: "creation," "design", and—what seems to me to best capture the act—"composition." Whatever you call it, the process contains elements of all of these names. Like a musical composer, the origami artist works with patterns and relationships within the paper and arranges those patterns into something that touches a human aesthetic. And while complex figures must be designed according to fixed, fundamental principles (design), there is always some spark of spontaneity and serendipity (creation) in the realization.

I compose around 20 new figures each year. The pictures below show some recent compositions (the most recent is at the top left). Click on any image to see a larger picture and further information about that piece, or click on one of the gallery categories to the right to see all the works in that category.

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