Wolfram gives me some web-ness:


By coincidence, today I also learned that my 6OSME paper on Tessellatica was accepted (along with some others). So come to Tokyo in August to get your free copy! (*)

(*) Actually, you’ll be able to get a free copy even if you don’t come to Tokyo. But you should still come.

Calling all Romanians

One of the joys of the intertubez is the ease of making connections to and from people all over the world. Occasionally, one of those people asks to translate something I’ve written into their own language. Most recently, I received a request for permission to translate into Romanian, and you can see the work of Alexander Ovsov here.

Alexander has translated my page on the Huzita-Justin Axioms (which I’d formerly called “Huzita-Hatori,” until I learned, along with most everyone else, that Jacques Justin had already described Hatori’s Axiom 7, along with Huzita’s Axioms 1-6, in one of his OS&T papers). So, if you’d prefer to learn about this in Romanian, check out the link above. If you’re more into English, you can read that at its new URL home, here.

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