Calling all Romanians

One of the joys of the intertubez is the ease of making connections to and from people all over the world. Occasionally, one of those people asks to translate something I’ve written into their own language. Most recently, I received a request for permission to translate into Romanian, and you can see the work of Alexander Ovsov here.

Alexander has translated my page on the Huzita-Justin Axioms (which I’d formerly called “Huzita-Hatori,” until I learned, along with most everyone else, that Jacques Justin had already described Hatori’s Axiom 7, along with Huzita’s Axioms 1-6, in one of his OS&T papers). So, if you’d prefer to learn about this in Romanian, check out the link above. If you’re more into English, you can read that at its new URL home, here.

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Inside the Origami-D’oh! Studio

Origami-D’oh! (J): What you say when the paper rips after 6 hours of precreasing.

It’s fall here in Alamo, and the massive oak tree outside is doing its annual best at burying the Origami-D’oh! Studio in leaves:

Origami-D'oh! Exterior

I sometimes get questions about what goes on inside the forbidden city here. I think people might imagine robed acolytes scurrying about, some of them preparing rice balls, others swabbing the stone floors, and the remainder carefully collapsing crease patterns under the stern gaze of their mentor. The reality is a bit more prosaic: lots and lots of clutter, which, thanks to the magic of the “panorama” setting on my digital camera, I can now share.

Origami-D'oh! Studio interior

It seems remarkable that I can ever find anything that I’m looking for, but I find that with enough rearranging of piles, everything eventually turns up.

The Truth that Truthers Deny

Did you know that U.S. Currency predicts (and postdicts) the events of 9/11? It’s true, and you can unlock the secret with a bit of origami! See the whole sordid story elsewhere on this very site.

Despite this being one of the most deeply guarded secrets in history, it appears that several other intrepid souls have stumbled onto it as well. FWSE for “9/11 currency” for some other takes on the topic.

Hello World

Welcome to, version 3.0! If you’ve never been to this site before, you’ll find some fun stuff. If you’ve visited my site before, you’ll find a lot of things have changed: bigger photos in the galleries, more cross-links, about 30 or 40 new figures and crease patterns, a bucketload of new articles, new links, and a general spruce-up of the user interface to make it easier to get around.

And, of course, there’s this blog. This is a little bit of an experiment; I don’t know quite how often I’ll post something, and I won’t even guarantee that it’s origami-related; it might just be a rant (but I’ll try to keep those to a minimum, as I enter my “you kids get off my lawn!” years). As with the old site, new origami creations and crease patterns will get posted in the appropriate galleries elsewhere on the site. But I’ll probably make a posting here on the blog when I’ve put something new up somewhere else, so if you want an easy notification whenever something new happens, simply subscribe to the RSS feed (link to the right), and you’ll be sure to see it as soon as it’s up.

Also, I welcome your comments on postings. You’ll need to register and your first comment will get moderated; after that, you can comment away! But keep things civil and suitable for a mass audience, please. I know a lot of people look forward to CPs, and I’ve got a good queue of them to get drawn up nicely and posted over the coming weeks and months. When I’ve posted a new CP, if you give it a try, feel free to post a photo (or photo link) of your rendition of it. If you post the photo elsewhere, please note that it’s my design and include a link to its gallery page.

And so, we’re off! Have a look around, enjoy the place. I’ll be back here soon.

Best regards,