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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists questions that folks often ask—about me, about this site, about origami in general. Specific questions about copyright and usage are here.


This page lists a glossary of terms used in origami, with particular emphasis on the terms used in origami design. It is adapted from Origami Design Secrets.


What kind of paper is best for origami? There is no single answer: the best paper depends on the design, on your own skills, and most importantly, what effects you're trying to achieve. This set of pages gives some basic information on the various types of paper and what they're good for.


The language by which origami artists communicate a folding sequence is often folding diagrams. The great strength of this language is its uniformity across the world. In this series, based on a panel discussion at OrigamiUSA's 1988 Convention and a diagramming questionnaire sent to diagrammers around the world, I describe some of the standards of diagramming.

Miscellaneous Links

This page contains links to origami societies, suppliers, and a few other artists who I particularly admire. See also here for links pertaining specifically to mathematical and scientific origami.

Copyright & Usage

This page contains information regarding the usage of material on this website and origami copyright in general. Please read it if you want to use any material from this site.

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Who and what went into putting this website together.