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Miscellaneous Links

This page contains various and sundry links to international origami societies and other origami resources on the web. See here for links relating specifically to mathematical and scientific origami. Please let me know if you find any broken links.

Origami Societies

These are the largest international origami societies. The linked pages also have links to societies in other countries and local/regional societies.

Origami Suppliers

Here are some links to suppliers I've used who specialize in origami supplies (or if they don't specialize, have a large enough mail-order selection that makes them worth checking out).

Origami Resources

Here are a few links to other useful origami-related resources on the web.

Origami Artists

There is an ever-growing number of origami artists and many of them have established a presence on the web. I couldn't possibly give an exhaustive list (although there are a few such lists out there), but the following links connect to the work of a few artists whose compositions I particularly admire.

More on Origami Copyright